BlackBerry Mailing Etiquettes

BlackBerry is more a business device then a gaming gadget. Most of the times, we use it to reply emails, but we must be aware of some mailing etiquettes from mobile devices. Here are a few, which must be followed.

In routine, when we do messaging from a mobile device, we usually do not care about English and use too many "mobile-world" abbreviations because it is difficult to type from a small keyboard.

The first etiquette is not to abbreviate words in your emails like 'thx' for 'thanks', 'm' for 'am', '4' for 'for' and so on. Use complete words and if abbreviation is required, use proper English abbreviations.

According to English, there always is a full stop/period after an abbreviated word and then a space, for instance, 'Encl.' for 'Enclosed', 'approx.' for 'approximate' or 'approximately', 'etc.' for 'et cetera' and so on.

There always is a space after full stop/period, comma, colon, semi-colon and other similar punctuation marks. Most of us punctuate wrongly.

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