Mobilink’s navigational solutions

KARACHI: Mobilink has launched Pakistan’s first cell-phone based navigation service ‘Mobi Track’ on Wednesday. The introduction of Mobi Track, the cell phone based mobile navigation solution with street level navigation and search facility, is another milestone for Mobilink which continues to reiterate its commitment to providing cutting edge communication solutions to its customers in Pakistan. Director VAS, IR, LDI & Market Development, Mobilink Wasif Mustafa said, “Mobi Track is a first-of-its-kind cell phone-based navigation service in Pakistan.

The use of state-of-the-art digital mapping system enables users not only to find their way to specific destinations but also includes options to locate the nearest ATM, favourite restaurants, fuel stations etc. The interface is hassle free, enhancing the user experience and making this service one to watch out for.”
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