4 Inch Alien Found In Lahore, Pakistan – Hoax Or What?

On 25th May a news spread like fire across the Pakistan and it’s media of a 4 Inch human like alive alien found in it’s eastern city of Lahore.

According to the locals, during renovation of a house. Laborers were digging a room when they found a small 4 inch creature resembling humans. The creature was moving and jumping. Children present at the spot stoned the creature after which it got unconscious. Children closed the creature in a empty jar and this news spread like fire in a forest. People from far away and outskirts of the city came to see it.

Later, when the locals emptied the jar and got the creature out it’s skin got burned due to pouring out on hot bricks.

A man present at the occasion said: “The creature was moving like a fish.” When the scene got populated with people, locals buried the creature in a small hole in ground.

City officials not gave any statement about the issue and the news died of the media later on. It should be mentioned here that in April there was a rumor of UFO sighting in Lahore as well. Which was also not taken up by authorities to comment and the rumor died later on. Some people are quoting that this creature might have fallen down from that UFO.

Following is the video covered by local news channel about the Alien incident:

The creature shown in the video looks fake because after the incident no one even bothered to do any post mortem or check ups on it. It might be a plastic toy which can be found in the markets. Check out these two pictures, it looks clear that it was actually a toy. And a hoax played by the public which made everyone fool.

a11 4 Inch Alien Found In Lahore, Pakistan   Hoax Or What?

a2 4 Inch Alien Found In Lahore, Pakistan   Hoax Or What?

But over all the whole incident looks too fake to believe. We might not be sure whether it was real or fake but according to available facts it looks quite fake. Let’s wait and see what future brings to us.

Whats your verdict? Do you guys think it was a hoax or not?

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