Urdu eBook: Abdullah

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Full Name Hashim Nadeem Khan, Mainly from Balochistan (Pakistan), famour for his playwrights. He also produced 27 Telefilms & 11 Drama Serial as 1st private producer, in which he was also writer and director. Basically associated with civil service but due to his unique style of narration; now widely recognised as a successful Novelist.

Abdullah is the third novel written by Hashim Nadeem Khan. Prior to Abdullah, his 2 novels “Khuda Aur Mohabbat” & “Bachpan Ka December” has got international acclaim and critic appericiations after publication. Hashim Nadeem’s Best Seller Abdullah is the story of a journey from ‘Virtual Love’ to ‘Real Love’. A story which unfolds the secrets of a different and parallel world. To be a part of this voyage, the Novel is here.. but don’t forget to add your comments.

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  1. FIFAWorldcup 2010 Says:

    this novel is full of pain..plzz feel tht pain..i m sure u will find the right path with this pain..do read this novel and imagine yourself as a part of the novel..May ALLAH show us the right path.

  2. FIFAWorldcup 2010 Says:

    brother kindly upload khuda aur mohabbat...i wana study tht book...plzz upload it

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