Fotos 31/7, Fotos 27/7 Virus Removal

Last week I used my Hotmail account on one of my close friend's PC and I got this as his PC was infected with Virus(es)

Couple of time I got message in my sent items folder with subject "Fotos 31/7" with recipients from my address book.

While searching for solution I found this application... Please follow these steps to remove (if your PC is infected)

1. Don't be curious and open any mail with a subject : Fotos 31/7, fotos 27/06 or fotos 10/06. Delete it.
2. If not, go and check in your windows explorer (I tried this on my WinXP) if you have a folder named winnt_ (other than your windows' folder). In this folder you will have some files like : winnt1.exe, winnt2.exe etc. You may be unable to delete folder if any of these file are in running process, you can stop them via Task Manager.
3. Download the ccleaner version v2.21.940 (3,177KB) from or
4. Run it especially for cleaning registry.
5. Delete all the winnt_ folder stated in step 2 if you were unable to delete at that step.
6. Find the ones that it says they are missing for winnt1.exe, winnt2.exe etc. and delete them
7. You are done !!!
8. Not to forget to update your antivirus and your anti malware etc.

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