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Although the free education is provided by Zindagi trust is not new but in last couple of day I got two messages in my mailbox stating "Jin bachon ko school books chahiyen (free) aur jo school ki fees pay nahi kar sakte hon woh in numbers pe contact karen", and as you found a sentence in almost all emails " Please forward it to as many people as you can..."

So, after visiting trust website and by reading some other blogs, i thought this should also posted here so a brief into about Zindagi trust and full article link at the end.

Zindagi-Trust is a non-profit organization which aims to be a leader in providing opportunities to a better life through education to the underprivileged working children of Pakistan.

Schools are made in areas with the highest populations of working children. These kids are then paid to come and study, so they're not losing their daily bread and butter and are still able to study. They must off course pass daily assessments to get their wages, which causes the parents who first prevented their children from studying to encourage these kids to work harder and get better grades so that they'll bring home the daily wages.

Contact on these number to get assistance 0333 2365362, 0333 2286189 & 0346 3525202.

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