12v Fluorescent Inverter

A small and low cost fluorescent tube inverter circuit. Now forget you small emergency lights/LED lights.

Parts List :

1 – 2R2 1/4watt (for testing)
1 - 47R 1/4watt
1 - 180R 1watt
1 - 100ngreencap
1 - 100u 16v electrolytic
1 - TIP 3055 transistor
1 - on/off switch
1 - 12mm bolt and nut for transistor
1 - heat-sink 5cm x 10cm
1 - ferrite rod 10mm dia x 8m long
1 - 30m winding wire .28mm dia
1 - 4m winding wire .61 mm dia (wire diameters are NOT critical)
1 - insulation tape either sticky tape or masking tape
1 - interlayer insulation - paper

It's very simple to build and requires no printed circuit board. The transformer is hand-wound on a ferrite rod (from an old transistor radio) and the winding wire can be salvaged from an old transformer.

The cost of powering the circuit is about 22 watts and this will produce the same light output as a 60 watt globe.

While working with powered circuit pay extra attention to the transformer, during operations it produce lots of AC voltage around 1000 Volts. So DO NOT touch the winding going towards your tubes.

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