Blue & Me technology - Fiat and Microsoft Collaboration

Blue&Me, the result of the collaboration between Fiat Auto and Microsoft, is changing the way people communicate and listen to music on the move.Using a series of voice commands, without taking your hands off the wheel you can telephone and listen to incoming SMS messages, interpreted on your Bluetooth Blue&Me mobile phone, consult your phonebook and listen to MP3s. Blue&Me supports most mobile phones with Bluetooth technology.

The car was developed by Tofas A.S., the 50-50 joint venture between Fiat Auto and KoƧ Holding which is listed on the Istanbul Stock Exchange
Instead of costly and rigid hardware, Fiat Auto and Microsoft is offering a platform that can be adapted to most mobile phones, digital media players and other mobile devices. The customer is free to change them with new models without compromising compatibility with the car.

Blue&Me guarantees maximum security levels and user-friendliness. The voice-activated system, the complete integration of steering wheel control buttons and information on the dashboard display will allow users to utilize any Bluetooth-based mobile phone - even if it is in a pocket or handbag - without removing hands from the steering wheel.

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