BlackBerry Pearl Review

When you hold a BlackBerry Pearl in your hands for the first time you will probably wonder why so much can be pushed into one small box. A BlackBerry Pearl is one of the smaller BlackBerry’s. Most people like the large look and feel of the BlackBerry’s but there are consumers who prefer everything that a BlackBerry offers but without it being so big in size. There are some differences in the BlackBerry Pearl and the regular BlackBerry and we are about to look at those differences.

There are actually more advantages of owning a BlackBerry Pearl than any other BlackBerry. Like the BlackBerry Curve, the Pearl features a trackball that can be used just like a mouse is used on a computer. This can help you navigate through your menu and other selections quick and easy.

On the side of your BlackBerry Pearl you will find several little buttons that help you to get where you are going faster. These keys are referred to as your Convenience keys because they save you a few steps to get where you are going. You can access voice dialing, camera functions, master volume control, and more. You can also hook up your earphones for convenient listening or have immediate access to the USB port.

For BlackBerry Pearl users you may have noticed something different with the keypad. Because the keypad is smaller than the standard Blackberry there had to be some changes made in order to suit the smaller appearance of the BlackBerry Pearl. The first change came on the keypad by doubling up on the letters or function of each key. When you start typing a word you will notice a list of possible words to help you write quicker. You can choose from the list or create your own. If you have never owned a BlackBerry phone before then downsizing is not going to bother you all that much. If you have owned a BlackBerry Phone before than you will need to take time to get use to the smaller keyboard.

A BlackBerry Pearl has other brilliant features as well. Whether you are in to music or not the multimedia function on the BlackBerry Pearl is amazing and beneficial for viewing texts, creating video, taking pictures, and more. If you love the features of an MP3 player you are going to love the BlackBerry Pearl multimedia function. Imagine being able to capture every moment in time without carrying around a camera. The camera built into the BlackBerry Pearl will take care of all your pictures with class. Of course it’s always a good idea to purchase a memory card to hold all your pictures and music on your BlackBerry Pearl so it doesn’t consume all your memory.

Other features that are included with the BlackBerry Pearl include Microsoft Office so you can work on the go. Send attachments, answer emails, read important documents right from the palm of your hand. This program is well worth having as it allows you the freedom to be away from your desk without falling behind.

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