Job - ASP.Net Developers

Job Description
We are looking for as ASP.Net developers who possess exceptional background in creating. Managing &deploying complex web applications based on ASP.Net 3.5. The ideal candidate must have hands on experience with standard enterprise database systems & applications that are built on top of SOA.

Job Requirements
Expertise in Creating standards based web application using ASP.Net 2.0 & preferably with ASP.Net 3.2/MVC2
Good practical knowledge of ASP.Net AJAX
Proficiency in C# 2.0+
Exceptional skills with Database systems
Demonstrable Expertise in application configuration
Must Possess expertise in writing complex & efficient stored procedures independently
Must have practical experience in creating ASP.Net web applications
Must have practical expertise in developing SOA based applications
Good to have solid understanding of n-tier applications or layered architecture
Good to have prior experience of using Design Patterns
Must be a team person

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