Search Engine for Muslims - is a special Search Engine for Muslims. Based on the Islamic tenets of Halal and Haram, the Search Engine bring on results which are deemed as Halal.

The Search Engine seems to be mainly filtering out pornographic content, swears words and certain keywords likely to be found offensive by the general population.

Even if you are not a Muslim, but think your search result might bring up some ‘risky’ content – try using

About I'mHalal™
We are passionate about search and while we are leading the path of innovation in the search industry, our main goal is to serve a greater cause than to be solely a technology provider. Our initial team exists out of eight visionaries that believe excellence and progress can only be powered by true dedication and strong believes in a noble cause. We want to make the world a better place where Halal standards are better developed and promoted. Change doesn't come overnight but our company culture is optimized to support initiatives that will make the difference in the world.
Because there is no search engine out there that is truly build on top of social-cultural and ethical values, we have entered the search market to offer Muslim internet users a tailor made search experience. The I'mHalal™ search engine is the starting point of any exploration on the World Wide Web for more and more Muslim internet users. Alternative search engines are built for the great mass, which makes them extremely mainstream oriented while search is mostly cultural biased. This means that search algorithms should calculate the culture, mindset and lifestyle of the user in the determination process of relevancy. That's why I’mHalal™ is pioneering the integration of self-learning search algorithms that mimic human emotions and the way we think to power its search algorithm.

Finding the right information or documents has become more and more difficult over the past few years since the World Wide Web keeps constantly growing and changing at a vast rate. We use various algorithms to determine which websites, pages and documents are most relevant for Internet users from the Middle East, North Africa (MENA) and South East Asia (SEA).

We focus mainly on the MENA & SEA regions because there is a huge lack of technological advancement in these regions. It is our goal to kick-start the innovations coming from the Islamic world once again. We cherish the culture and lifestyle of Muslims living in these regions and have the feeling that the current state of the Internet isn't representing the values, mindset and lifestyle of these Internet users.

That's why we have introduced I'mHalal™ as the first local in-house search engine of the MENA and SEA regions. The award-winning I'mHalal™ search engine allows you to explore the Internet to educate yourself about any subject at anytime in the most effective and relevant way.

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