Job: PHP Programmer / Web Developer

Posted : 12 Oct, 2010

Job description The ideal candidate will work hand-in-hand with the senior programmers. Projects will be assigned and this candidate will be responsible for following direction creating flawless code that is well documented and tested through a series of case scenarios. The candidate should be comfortable taking direction from others while at the same time able to be responsible when empowered to start and complete projects on a scheduled basis.

Min education level required Experience 1~2yrs Proficient in PHP(OOP), JavaScript(AJAX), HTML and MySQL Excellent understanding of server-side programming. Must write efficient code with documentation. Can read code written by others. Has experience debugging code. Can write code from pseudocode or verbal instructions. Must be a team player, posses a good attitude and be self-disciplined Must have knowledge and having good experience with joomla, magento, wordpress other OS Tools Must have knowledge and havig good experience with any of good Php Development framework and any major ORM
Min experience required 1 year(s)

Closing date for CV Submission within 10 Days of this job posting, Send your CV at(

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