Nokia Manufacturer IMEI country of origin Check

IMEI is the unique number identification of a cell phone.

To check your IMEI number, key in “*#06#” (star hash zero six hash) on your Nokia Mobile Phone Set keypad just as you would when you dial a phone number to make a call.

More detailed info. This only applies for phones after year 2004.
Format of IMEI is just like show below:
AA-BBBBBB = Type Allocation Code (TAC)
CCCCCC = Serial sequence
D = Luhn check digit. (or zero if no checks)

From AA: you can know the Reporting Board – example 35 is BABT (British Approval Board for Telecommunications).

Use this to help you decide on a purchase! This is repost of an early member’s with a few newer editions:

To find out where your nokia phone was made look at digits number 7and 8 (YY) of your IMEI.


XXXXXX = Type Approval Code

ZZZZZZ = serial number

A = check digit

10 = Finland also 01 = Finland
20 = Germany or 02
30 = Korea or 03
40 = China or 04
50 = Brazil, USA, Finland or 05
60 = HK, China, Mexico or 06
70 = Finland or 07
80 = Hungary or 08
91 = Finland or 19

There may be more please list by commenting and not grantee about accuracy.

You can always look at the sticker under your phones battery. Its not always correct :)

sometimes it is MADE BY NOKIA

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  1. Jason Norin Says:

    Here in Australia, other than companies acquiring their own Australian business toll free numbers, business owners have their individual Nokia devices for communication purposes. It is good to see how Nokia have revolutionized mobile communication.

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