Upload & Download anything, everywhere with your mobile phone for free

4shared Free online storage and file sharing service. Now upload and download your data, pictures, songs and movies directly from your mobile to 4shared web drive.phones_iphone

Your files can be shared with anyone, including non registered users. As soon as you upload your files on 4shared you will be able to share your file with others using an access link. You can email the link, place it on your web page, or publish it on forums or blogs.

However, if you don't want your file to be seen by everyone, you should share your link confidentially, with certain people only. As the link is generated securely, it is absolutely impossible to access the file.

All 4shared at your mobile phone!

  • Access 30,000,000+ files
  • Manage your web account
  • Listen to music, watch video on your phone
  • Very easy to use
  • It’s free

For BlackBerry users : Download now

For Symbian users : Download now

For Android users : Download now

For iPhone & iPad : Download

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