Altaf Hussain, Founder and Leader of MQM is in house arrested in London for the murder of Dr. Imran Farooq: The London Post

Altaf Hussain, the founder and the leader of MQM is put into house arrest (Updated from “arrest”) in London while he was trying to escape to South Africa, The London Post reported on August 27, 2011. According to sources, Mr. Altaf Hussain was arrested with the help of a Pakistani Taxi driver, who was a trusted driver to him for many years but recently he was taken into cooperation by the Scotland Yard.

How true is the news?

The above story has been published all over the internet blogosphere since 12 hours now and so far no official confirmation or denial has been published in regard of this news by MQM or Pakistani and British Authorities while main stream media is showing complete silence on the topic. The mysterious silence on the topic is further creating suspiciousness and every body is looking for the confirmation / denial of the news. We contacted the authorities in Pakistan and UK to know their views but they didn’t denied nor confirmed it, rather they said, “we shall get back to you on this later”. If the news is released to Media, it shall be reported into British media first, because Pakistani Media don’t have courage to publish any such news or discuss MQM freely.


Zulfiqar Mirza Hints about Altaf Hussain Arrest:

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  1. mzapakistani Says:

    aik banday k zati article ko is pagal nay news bana liya hay....aqal hay in logo ko
    MQM murda baad

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