Prototype PAKSAT-1R

The project was aimed to enhance the know-how of young scientists and engineers about communication satellite engineering. The philosophy was to design a satellite such as it would fly, however, while implementing the design, use commercial components to keep the cost low since the satellite will only be a functional lab model.

Prototype Paksat-1R is a communication satellite, which has three C-band Transponders as the communication payload. All the subsystems have been designed and developed indigenously. Integration and testing have also been performed. The project was completed in three years time.

The satellite bus comprised the following subsystems:

(i) Computer (based on Intel 80188EB microprocessor)

(ii) Power subsystem with the following main modules:

a. Power Distribution
b. Power Control
c. Battery Charging and Discharging


(iii) Telemetry subsystem

a.Microcontroller based
b.FPGA based


(iv) Telecommand subsystem

a.Microcontroller based
b.FPGA based


(v) Attitude and Orbit Determination and Control subsystem


(vi) S-band RF communication subsystem (for telemetry and telecommand)


(vii) Thermal Control subsystem


(viii) Satellite Structure


(ix) Mechanisms for:

a.Antenna Deployment
b.Solar Array Deployment

Pictures below show some of the subsystems and the complete satellite:



PakSat 1R Prototype

analog telemetry acquisition  c band transponder unit

Analog Telemetry Acquisition                        C Band Transponder Unit

onboard computer power subsystem

On Board Computer                                     Power Sub System  

solar arrays  satellite structure

Solar Array                                                      Satellite Structure

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