PIC sweeps Isotab record under carpet

Probe teams are facing difficulties due to missing purchase record of injurious PIC drug Isotab.

According to the sources, Pakistan Institute of Cardiology administration gave order of 2 millionisotab20 Isotab tablets to Efroze Pharma in September 2011. As per record of PIC, the delivery of 2 million tablets was shown in two batches i.e. J092 and J095 from which there were received 1.05 million tablets of batch J092 and 0.95 million tablets of batch J095.

Surprisingly, the tablets recovered from the patients, affected from contaminated medicines, were of batch J093 but there is no record of this batch in the PIC neither any lab test has been conducted of this batch.

The tablets sent by the Punjab government for foreign test were also from batch J093 but there was no stamp of hospital on it.

According to sources investigation teams are facing difficulties due to missing record of batch J093.


Source : http://dunyanews.tv/index.php?key=Q2F0SUQ9MiNOaWQ9NjM3NjE=

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  1. Dr. Ali Ghangro Says:

    your comment is suggesting that batch 093 was not supplied to PIC. DIG Cheema already has the record of supplies made to PIC by Efroze and it is on record that this batch was supplied there. Staff of efroze has also confirmed this and it is being investigated why efroze ensured that this batch should not be checked.

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