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Attn: All Concerns

We are providing free video Quran Cd, with Arabic script and also MP3, followed by Urdu voice translation by Shamshad Ali Khan  Talawat Imam Kaba, Translation :Moulana  Fateh Muhammad Jalandri.Please enter your choice either you want in  video or MP3 format.If we do not receive  any choice we  will send  MP3 Quran Cd.We have also English Quran which  is  in MP3 format.Kirat by Imam Kaba followed by  english  voice translation.

We have delivered countless free Quran Cd's throughout Pakistan. We do not accept any cash donation. However if anybody wants to share in this noble cause, you may send blank Cd-R. We will copy Quran on your Cd-R and will be forwarded onward. We keep record of Cd-R donation and intimate them all details which can be verified to whom we have sent Quran Cd's.

As my financial sources are limited .I am individual and do not  work with any organisation.Therefore please be patience. Once we get your request we are bound to send Quran Cd's INSHAHALLAH..

It may be possible that Quran Cd may be corrupt. Please intimate us we will again send you Cd.

We get e-mail address from newspaper internet marketing services, etc. It may be possible, you get repeated mails for which we sincerely apologies.

Please take some time to listen Quran Cd. I have taken a very small step towards spreading Islam and to create awareness of Quran. Your appreciation will boost my moral.

If you would like to give some suggestions, I will definitely look into it accordingly. If you find any error in Quran Cd please intimate us immediately.

Quran Cd is on DVD and can be played on VCD and DVD player. It can also be played on computer having DVD Cd Rom with OS XP on media player.

If you need Quran Cd just e-mail your name, address, and contact no. We will soon forward you Quran CD.We dispatch Quran Cd's on home address not on office address.Any incomplete address will not be entertain.

Our free offer for Quran Cd is limited to Pakistan only.However if anybody wants to download Quran please see web,further DO NOT MISUSE THIS OFFER BY SENDING US YOUR MAIL ADDRESS AND NOT LISTNING TO QURAN AND AVAILING THIS OFFER AS FREE.BECAREFUL ALLAH IS WATCHING YOU.

Thanks and best regards,

Osman Hameed



Special Note;

Those who have already received Quran Cd's are requested to let other people avail this opportunity.

My all "HATS OFF",who helped me on my effort by providing blank CD-R.

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