Configure Windows XP to Automatically Login


How to Remove Windows XP Login Password

After downloading fixes from Windows Updates page or via Automatic Updates, you may notice that Windows XP no longer logs into your account automatically. This is usually caused after the installation of .NET Framework from Microsoft. It creates an additional user account called ASP.NET, which you can see in the Control Panel User Accounts applet. But, you neither need to remove this update nor delete this account. You can still configure Windows XP to automatically login using this method.




If you want to enable or disable the prompt to type a username and password to get into Windows you can follow these steps.

1. Click Start and select Run.

2. Type control userpasswords2

3. Select the user you would like to use every time you login.

4. Uncheck or the box that says Users must enter a user name and password to use this computer to disable password screen and allow Windows to automatically login and bring users to the main screen. Check the box to enable username and password protection.

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