Efroze Chemicals employees fear joblessness on closure


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KARACHI: The fate of more than 500 employees of a pharmaceutical company, one of the leading local drug producers and exporters, hangs in balance after it was sealed on the charge of releasing deadliest medicine batches in the market.

Efroze Chemical’s employees said that they are under immense fear of joblessness in the scenario of economic slowdown in the local drug manufacturing industry, as their company will be forcibly shutdown for long period.
They were of the view that conspiracy has been hatched against their company having strong reputation in the local and international market.

Efroze has been in the business for about 20 years with handsome share in the local market, running a big countrywide channel of distributors and allied packaging and printing industries.

The drug producers contributed heavily to the national exchequer in terms of taxes and revenues and it saved billion dollars of the country, while producing alternative medicine of imported brands.

The company has strong presence in international markets, as it exported pharmaceutical products since 1994 in 27 foreign territories around the world spanning Asia, CIS, Middle East and Africa with a well-established and independent International Marketing Division in Pakistan and Branch offices in Uzbekistan and Marketing Offices in Sudan, Yemen, Sri Lanka and Kenya, the employees said.

They are also in the business of quality pharmaceuticals, which has earned them an Export Merit Trophy by the Government of Pakistan for three consecutive Years 2005, 2006 and 2007. Efroze is a proud recipient of 4 Export Trophy Awards by TDAP and have overall Pharmaceutical Exports in excess of $40 million.

With such background and credentials, it seems unlikely that this was negligence or a quality lapse, they said citing that media reports highlighting that the contaminant found in the contaminated batch was actually an ingredient 15 times more expensive, which refutes the theory that they were out to make a quick buck.

Efroze Chemical’s employees demanded impartial inquiry of the culprits involved in the scam and unveil all conspirators indulged to defame the well-know regional drug producers.


Courtesty : Daily Times

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